The Spice App

Spice is the first social app designed specifically for the Climate Economy. Now you can be climate positive anytime, anywhere with our Eco-powered iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

Buy Eco carbon offsets, view your carbon offsets by month and category, and view a detailed ledger of your Eco spending -- all from the Spice My Eco screen.

Quickly Record Offsets

Easily record a carbon offset for your vehicle or air travel, electricity use, or any other impact.

Eco Ledger

Easily view a record of all your Eco transactions, including Eco Rewards you received from other members. The Eco Ledger is a great way to help you stay climate positive each and every day.

Share your Climate Actions in Eco Chat

Post comments, add reactions, even reward other members for their climate positive actions with Eco. Eco Chat is the heart of the Spice Eco community!

Stay Current with Eco News

Learn about the latest developments in the Climate Economy. Share your own information. With multiple channels, Eco News is the best way to stay climate positive.

Spice Travel

We all love to travel, and Spice includes in-depth information for many destinations! You can easily stay climate positive by using Eco to offset your travel impacts.

Spice Marketplace

Spice is also a full-featured product marketplace with built-in shopping cart, product chat and video calling -- all powered by Eco.

Are you ready to fight climate change?