Clean Wind

Eólico San Antonio El Sitio, Guatemala

One of 16 windmills at the wind farm

When your purchase Eco in the Spice app, your carbon offset credits are sourced from Eólico San Antonio El Sitio, a 52.8 MW wind power project. Developed under the auspices of United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the project was the first-of-a-kind in Guatemala. At the time the project was planned, the alternative would have been a coal-fired plant. This wind farm paved the way for further clean energy in Guatemela, which now comprises three wind farms1

Your Eco carbon offset credits are backed by valid UN Certified Emissions Reductions (CER) earned by this project. Learn more about Eólico San Antonio El Sitio by tapping here.


This is the current pricing for , along with the amount of Eco and the estimated offsets you can achieve. Values for Gallons, Airline Miles, and Kilowatt Hours are estimates based on the CO2 calculations we use in the Spice app2.

Retail Eco Gallons Airline Miles Kilowatt Hours

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