Fight Climate Change When You Fill Up

While the switch to electric is underway, if you're driving a gasoline-powered vehicle -- and in 2021 most of us are -- you can still fight climate change. The Eco Card makes it easy! And remember, gas for any purpose -- a boat, a lawn mower, a generator, an RV -- emits climate-changing carbon dioxide (CO2). Use Eco to offset those impacts, too.

Your Eco Card

Your Eco Card is stored in the Spice app, and holds carbon offsets in an easy-to-use form we call Eco. For more about Eco and the Eco Card, tap here.

Get Started for Pennies a Day!

There is no time to waste in our fight against climate change. The Eco Card makes it easy, now get started for as little as . Tap here for more information.

Eco At the Pump

Use Eco whenever you fill up with these easy steps.

  1. Pump your gas
  2. Open the Spice app and tap the Car icon
  3. Tap the Fuel icon if not already selected
  4. Input the number of gallons (or litres if you are in metric mode)
  5. Swipe up or tap Offset Now. Spice is designed to be used with one hand, so you can keep moving while getting back on the road.

That's it! Your Eco Card balance is automatically updated. A message is also posted to the Eco Actions chat channel, showing everyone the climate positive action you just took.

Eco On A Trip

You may also use distance traveled instead of fuel pumped. This is a great way to offset vacation travel: for example, if you are heading out in an RV. Here's how:

  1. Open the Spice app and tap the Car icon
  2. Tap the Distance icon if not already selected
  3. Input your current odometer reading as Starting
  4. Input MPG. If you don't know it, use an estimate of 21 for an average car and 10 for an average RV. You can find more details for your vehicle at
  5. Take your trip
  6. At the end of trip, input your odometer reading as Ending
  7. Swipe up or tap Offset Now
You can also see your carbon impact at any point during the trip by inputting your current odometer reading into Ending mileage. Your impact is instantly displayed.

Are you ready to fight climate change?