Eco and the Eco Card

Join the Climate Economy

The Eco Card puts the super in Spice, the super climate change app! Eco corresponds directly to carbon offset credits we purchase on your behalf. Much like using a shopping card, you buy Eco with a credit card, and store it in your Eco Card for future use. You then spend Eco from your card to reduce your impacts as they occur.

Using Your Eco Card

When you purchase Eco, we select carbon offset credits and save them to your Eco Card. 100 Eco corresponds to 1 tonne of carbon offsets.

Then, any time you wish to offset carbon, simply use the Spice app. The app supports four categories of offsets:

  • Gas-powered travel. You can either specify fuel purchase, or distance traveled. Spice supports both imperial (gallons, miles) and metric (litres, kilometers) values.
  • Airline travel. Just input miles or kilometers traveled
  • Electricity. Input kilowatt hours
  • Any impact. Input pounds or kilograms of the input. You can also use this option to contribute above and beyond any specific impact.

The Eco has a number of unique characteristics to help you become climate positive.

One Eco offsets about one US gallon of gas


A single Eco represents 1% of a carbon offset: 10 kilograms, or 22 pounds. This happens to be the carbon load of a single gallon of diesel gasoline, and a bit more than a gallon of standard gasoline.

What this divisibility means is that you can offset smaller actions, and carry forward your balance, just like you do with a traditional bank and currency.

Don't just like a post -- reward with Eco!


The Eco is easy to share and use as a reward for any other Spice member. This is a great way to introduce family and friends to climate positive actions. Just use the leaf reaction on any message the member has posted. See our discussion of the Spice app for an example.

Keep track of all your carbon positive actions


Whenever you offset one of your carbon-producing actions with Eco, a ledger entry is recorded in your bank. This is a great way to track your footprint, and to gain an understanding of how to be more climate positive.

Are you ready to fight climate change?