Carbon Offsets

A key component of the climate economy

The relation between carbon offsets, your activities, and Eco

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the major component of climate-changing greenhouse gases (GHG). The problem with CO2 is that it is created by most of the activities on which modern society rests -- transportation, power generation, waste management. The challenge, then, is to find ways to reduce CO2 while still maintaining robust economies.

Enter the Carbon Offset

Carbon offsets evolved from the carbon credit proposal of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol agreement. The concept of the carbon offset is simple: activities that do not produce carbon dioxide -- for example, wind farms -- can be used to offset activities that do -- for example, driving a gas-powered vehicle.

Let's take a simple example. If I build a wind farm, and by building my wind farm a coal-powered plant is not built or shut down, then my wind farm earns carbon offsets. My wind farm earns one carbon offset for every unit of coal-plant CO2 that is avoided. My carbon offset is then worth money, because I can sell it to someone who is still generating CO2, and wants to offset it.

Measuring Carbon Offsest

Carbon offsets are measured in units of metric tonnes. A tonne (note the spelling) is 1,000 kilograms. For those using the imperial systems, a ton (note the spelling) is 1.1 tonnes, or about 2,203 pounds. A 1 tonne carbon offset means that 1 tonne of CO2 may be offset.

Carbon Offset Projects

The types of carbon offset projects that are implemented are diverse. They range from forestry sequestration projects (which remove CO2 from the atmosphere when trees grow) to energy efficiency and renewable energy projects (which reduce future CO2 emissions in the atmosphere).

Using Carbon Offsets

As you can see, there are many kinds of carbon offsets and a great deal of variation in project and pricing. This marketplace complexity is one of the major reasons for Eco. We find the best projects and pricing, and relieve you of that task. We believe making it fast, simple and affordable is the best way to get everyone involved in fighting climate change -- especially you!

Are you ready to fight climate change?