Offset On-the-Go

Offset your carbon impacts whenever you fill up or travel. Just use the Spice app to input fuel purchased or distance travelled and Spice does the rest.

Easily Offset Your Impacts

Use your Eco Card to offset the climate impacts you cannot yet avoid with carbon credits anytime, anywhere. Eco supports global projects that fight climate change.

How Spice Eco Works 

Eco corresponds directly to carbon offset credits we purchase on your behalf. Much like using a shopping card, you buy Eco with a credit card, and store it in your Eco Card for future use. You then spend Eco from your card to reduce your impacts as they occur. Tap here to learn more.

The Spice App

Spice is the first app designed specifically for the Climate Economy. Now you can be climate positive anytime, anywhere with our Eco-powered iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. Tap here to learn more.

Spice Eco Products 

Our essential product is Clean Wind. This product includes United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) wind projects that are validated for Certified Emissions Reductions (CER).

The Climate Community

Spice is a complete climate community. Enjoy multiple chat channels, extensive travel information, a marketplace with video chat -- all while helping fight climate change. Tap here to learn more.

"The climate crisis demands nothing less than all hands on deck"

John Kerry, National Security Council  Climate Envoy

Are you ready to fight climate change?